QUESTION: Once it has been declared by the Centers by Disease Control and Prevention (or the CDC) and our local government that COVID-19 is no longer a health threat to society, how can I feel safe to attend large Church services or church gatherings? 


ANSWERAlthough Mt. Calvary has reopened for in-sanctuary services on Sundays and our members are strongly encouraged to attend the in-sanctuary services as scheduled, attendance is not required or mandatory.  However, I do encourage you to believe as stated in the Word of the Lord [Psalm 91], that He is our refuge [our shelter or protection from danger] and our fortress [a place of exceptional security or stronghold].  Also, please know that although there has been approximately six months or more of social or physical distancing, the LORD has been our keeper, not the use of PPE or personal protection essentials or equipment [such as masks, Lysol, Clorox, hand washing and sanitizers or isolation] some of which we were or should have been doing prior to COVID-19. 


I realize as stated in the Word of the Lord, we are not all given the same measure of faith [Romans 12:3]; however, I pray that the Lord increases your faith in Him that you sense and feel His covering as you meet Him in His sanctuary to lift up praise and worship unto Him, in the Name of Jesus, for all of His benefits given to you.