Dr. Emerson L. Brockington, Sr.

Bishop and Presiding Prelate of the Holy Churches of Deliverance — The call to ministry and faithfulness to serve is the family legacy of Dr. Emerson L. Brockington, Sr.   Born to the late Bishop Edward and Hattie Brockington in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Dr. Brockington’s destiny was forged out of the desire of his family to serve God and His plans for their lives.  In preparation for great ministry and the journey that lay ahead, he was united in Holy Matrimony on February 26, 1972, with the lovely Leotha M. Riddick, who co-pastors with him in ministry.  God has blessed this union with one son, Emerson L. Brockington, Jr., who has also been ordained to the ministry.  A daughter-in-law, Tamyra, and three grandchildren, Emerson III, Jasmine, and Cooper are blessings that God has added to his life.  Family members now co-labor with Dr. Brockington in ministry as he endeavors to expand the vision and continue a legacy that expands 67 years.

The Call of God

Dr. Brockington felt the call of God on his life as early as 1964 and later accepted the call to ministry in 1966.  In 1971, he was appointed Pastor of the Mt. Calvary Holy Church of Deliverance, Washington, DC.  On June 6, 1987, Dr. Brockington was consecrated Presiding Prelate (Bishop) of the Holy Churches of Deliverance in Washington, DC, Virginia and North Carolina.  On March 22, 2006, he was consecrated to Apostolic Succession in the Western and Eastern Patriarchal Streams by the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops Congress with Archbishop Jesse Delano Ellis II, President of the Joint College of Bishops, as Chief Consecrator. Bishop Brockington is under the pastoral covering of Archbishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr., Joint College of Bishops.



Dr. Brockington received the Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral degrees from the International Seminary, Plymouth, Florida.  In addition, he studied at Southeastern University, Federal City College, and Howard University where he received additional training in business and religious studies.   Dr. Brockington is also a member of the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops, Board of Directors, Gospel Rescue Ministries, Board of Directors, Agape Victory Ministries, and the Capitol Hill Kiwanis Club, Religious Emphasis Committee.

“Bishop Brockington is a man of God, a very down to earth and an approachable man of God who you can talk to about anything and you can rest assured that he is going to tell you what the Lord has to say about your situation. ”

LW, Minister Elect

“What I admire most about Bishop is his integrity and also the desire he carries to always put God first and in doing so, he has sacrificed so much for the Ministry. I have never known Bishop to waver in his desire to please the Lord, nor have I known him to change the message of the Lord to please the people, while at the same time remaining relevant to the times. ”

NR, Missionary

“Bishop is a true man of God… he genuinely loves the people of God and the work of the Ministry.  He is loving, kind, thoughtful, and considerate… and these attributes are in action.  Bishop preaches the Word of the Lord; he is also a wonderful teacher of the Word and because of his teaching, I am growing in the Lord. ”

YL, Missionary