Lady Leotha M. Brockington

Overseer Leotha M. Brockington is the wife of the Bishop and Presiding Prelate of the Holy Churches of Deliverance.  She is also the Co-pastor, a teacher, prayer warrior, worshipper, worship leader, recording artist, author, mother, and grandmother.

Overseer Brockington (affectionately called Mother Brockington) was ordained Overseer in 2007 by Archbishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr.


Overseer Brockington (affectionately called Mother Brockington) is a graduate of Southwestern High School of Holland, Virginia, where she was an honor student and voted “Student of the Year” by the Senior High School professors.

Mother Brockington taught International Seminary courses in “Be Successful in Your Ministry” to the Holy Churches of Deliverance churches in North Carolina and Washington, DC, and to the Church of Jesus Christ, also in Washington, D.C.  She subsequently earned a Master’s Degree in Religious Education from International Seminary of Plymouth, Florida.  Prior to retirement, she was employed with Verizon for 40 years.

Mother Brockington is the daughter of the late Raymond and Glozie Mae Hinton Riddick of Whaleyville, Virginia.  In 1972, she was united in holy matrimony to the then Elder Emerson L. Brockington and to this union, they were blessed with one son, Emerson, Jr. 

Mother Brockington was ordained Overseer in 2007 by Archbishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr., of the Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church of Washington, D.C.  In 2011, Mother Brockington traveled to Cape Town, South Africa with the Anointed Ones Ministries where she supported 5:00 a.m. prayer and led the people of God into praise and Worship unto our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   Mother Brockington recorded “Higher Ground” on the “Come Bless His Name” album with Professor Wilber Belton and the LADWEC Music Mass Choir.  She also authored teaching aid pamphlets, “Saved, But Not Delivered!” and “First Ladies are People too!”

Overseer Brockington is blessed to have a beautiful daughter-in-law, Minister-elect Tamyra, and three wonderful grandchildren, Emerson, III, Jasmine, and Cooper.